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The Winchester

There is no "I" in "team," but there is an "I" in "pie."

You've got red on you.
21 December 1981
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Hello! This is Christie. I'm 30 and from Illinois. I love music and I talk about it way too much. I'm a huge rock music geek...mainly Britpop, indie, and classic rock. I run a Britpop online radio station that you should definitely check out!

I like animals, especially dogs. I'm owned by a maltese named Tiffany. She uses her cute and fluffy powers for pure evil.

If you are a dog person, you should check out my store for cool dog-related t-shirts and more! Go Pooch Yourself

I also enjoy art, cheesy tv shows, baseball, web design, shoes, clothes, cheese, thrift stores, and being a jerkface.

This journal is friends only, but sadly it's mostly dead. I occasionally use it for communities though.

me, Graham Coxon, and Amanda. AHHHHHH!

Click here to check out my online radio station!
Britpop and indie tunes from the likes of Blur, Pulp, Oasis, Suede,
Super Furry Animals, Manic Street Preachers, Supergrass, The Bluetones,
Gomez, The Stone Roses, Graham Coxon, and more!

Also a big thanks to watcher_junior for the mood theme.
1960's, accents, andrew wk, animals, animation, arrested development, art, ash, baseball, blur, british guys, britpop, caffeine, checkered shoes, cheese, chicago, chicago cubs, chupacabras, coffee, concerts, converse, coupling, daleks, david bowie, david tennant, death race 2000, doctor who, dogs, domo-kun, drawing, elastica, england, ewan mcgregor, fashion, flight of the conchords, gorillaz, gorky's zygotic mynci, graham coxon, guitar, h&m, hating phil collins, herman's hermits, high fidelity, idlewild, jason schwartzman, joe aufricht, john denver, john lennon, karaoke, kazoos, kerry wood, led zeppelin, lil' markie, live365, love actually, maltese, manic street preachers, margaritas, matt sharp, mclusky, mini coopers, moogs, nachos, napoleon dynamite, newts, not throwing up, oasis, of montreal, online radio, outsider music, paul mccartney, phantom planet, pictures, pink floyd, pinkerton, platypi, pulp, queen, records, rick moranis, rivers cuomo, rushmore, salvador dali, sealab 2021, sean lennon, serge gainsbourg, shaun of the dead, shoes, sifl and olly, simon pegg, slacking, slash, star wars, starbucks, suede, super furry animals, supergrass, surrealism, syd barrett, the beatles, the bluetones, the brave little toaster, the final countdown, the flaming lips, the format, the monkees, the nanny, the rentals, the rutles, the shaggs, the simpsons, the starlight mints, the stone roses, the who, this is spinal tap, thrift shops, top gear, toy dogs, trainspotting, vanilla coke, vans, vegetarianism, vespas, village discount, vintage clothing, vinyl, wales, webcasting, weezer, weirdness, welsh language, wes anderson, what not to wear, yetis